What is Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)?

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) allow Canadian provinces or territories to nominate the applicants wanting to come to Canada. An approved PNP will help in getting a permanent resident visa.

Firstly, almost all provinces and territories have their PNP process. However, the eligibility criteria varies from province to province. Although, they all attempt to find an applicant who will contribute to the economy and will settle in the province. For instance, here are few key points that are used by provinces to assess the suitability of an applicant for a PNP.

  • Age
  • Education levels
  • Language scores
  • Work Experience and NOC
  • Past study in that province
  • Past work experience in that province
  • Family, friends or relatives in that province
  • Assets and net worth for investment (if applicable)
Provincial Nominee Program

Who should consider PNPs?

PNPs are not for all. These programs targets a specific group of applicants to fulfil provincial or territorial labour market shortage.

Most importantly, it is best to explore the provincial or territorial websites to find all the information upfront. Since, there are specific rules for a specific PNP program. Further, these rules change very often. Additionally, few provinces have maximum intake cap which fill very fast. Explore the PNP programs of the the province you are interested in and assess for your eligibility. You can explore province specific immigration options by clicking at the province name below. Currently, Nunavut does not have a PNP.

What are the next steps after you have the provincial nomination?

Getting the approved PNP is a major success. However, it’s not over yet. You will need to complete the federal processing next. Here are some key points to remember.
  • Further, after you land as a permanent resident (PR) you are free to move anywhere in Canada.
  • Only use authorized representative to help with your application.