What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is an online system Canada uses to manager PR applications for skilled workers.

Express Entry (EE) is a single window streamlined process for a Canadian permanent resident visa (PR) for skilled workers. This include Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Workers Class (FSWC) and Federal Skilled Trades Class (FSTC). At a broader level the process has 4 main steps.

Meeting eligibility requirements

A pre-assessment is needed to verify your eligibility and improve chances of success. This includes assessing your education, age factors, language factors etc. You may need to gather some initial documents like language score and education credential assessment (ECA).

Enter in Express Entry pool

After you are satisfied with your pre-assessment you will create an express entry (EE) profile. This will get you your formal comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score. You will now be ranked against other profiles in the pool. Next, you will need to wait for an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Wait for an ITA

You will need to wait for an invitation to apply (ITA). Your CRS score will determine how quickly you get the ITA. For recent EE draws you could follow us to stay up to date. You should keep your EE profile up to date with any relevant changes such as experience, new language score, marital status etc.

Apply for the PR

Congratulations on your ITA! After your receive the ITA, you will need to submit the required documents within 60 days. Your ITA will expire in 60 days. If your score is high you could start the common documents sooner. Your personalized checklist of required documents will be available for you after you get the ITA.
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Is Express Entry for you?

Not everyone is eligible for the Express Entry.

Express Entry is not the best option for everyone. However, it is the best and fastest option for qualified skilled workers. If you are young and have post secondary education it may be for you. You will need excellent English or French of both. Further, you will need work experience in NOC 0, A or B skill classes or skilled trades. If you don’t satisfy the eligibility criteria, EE is not for you. You can explore other options like a study permit, work permit, PNPs etc.

What is best about Express Entry?

6 months processing time.

Fair, Fast and accurate are the three main reasons to choose the Express Entry. Canada aims to process your file within 6 months, meaning less wait time. Express Entry has a fair criteria that applies to everyone regardless of nationality, language, race or religion. Additionally, you can do a pre-assessment and improve on where you need to.

What is challenging about Express Entry?

Many find CLB 9 is hard to achieve in all modules in one exam.

Some people find meeting the CLB 9 in each ability a challenging task. Several people need to take the language exam multiple times. Moreover, getting the educational credentials assessment (ECA) may also be a challenge if the university/college does not comply with the request.

Come to Canada

How can you improve your score?

Start language classes if you have to.

After your assessment if your score is low there are a few steps you could take to improve it. First, you could improve the language score. Second, higher education and study in Canada could increase your CRS score. Lastly, there may be a few other steps we could guide you after reviewing your assessment results.

What if I don't get invited?

Never lose hope!

If your score is low you can try improving it as mentioned above. Having a family member in Canada will award additional adaptability points. Most people prefer studying in Canada to increase their education level as well as to secure additional adaptability points.

Few things to keep in mind!

Here are a few very important points to keep in mind for Express Entry applications.
  • Hurry!!! you will start losing points for age after you are 30 years old. Every year will cost you more and more points.
  • Close relative in Canada may give you more points.
  • Studying in Canada may be a reasonable first step if your score is low.
  • Submit your profile for EE pool as soon as possible, there may be chances of PNP opportunity from the EE pool.
  • Keep you EE profile up to date.
  • Your EE profile will expire in 1 year.