getGCMS with yciCanada!

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  • You can select one of the following
  • GCMS/CAPIS Notes
  • File Documents
  • CBSA Border Crossing Details
  • CSIS Report
  • Standard
  • You can select two of the following
  • GCMS/CAPIS Notes
  • File Documents
  • CBSA Border Crossing Details
  • CSIS Report
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  • GCMS Standard and following
  • RCIC Consultation
  • You SAVE $50
  • Comprehensive assessment
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Fee in CAD, not USD

your GCMS notes with our getGCMS service. Our getGCMS service can help you in improving your application after past refusals. We can obtain visa officer’s notes on your file and/or the documents you submitted. Also, for other purposes:
  • Understanding the in-depth reasons behind past refusals.
  • Your file has surpassed the posted average processing time.
  • Refreshing your memory on what was submitted in last application.
  • Someone else submitted your application and you do not have a copy of your documents.
  • General curiosity and much more.

At yciCanada, we can request your notes and documents on your behalf. We can obtain these from the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It’s very simple and convenient process. Your notes and documents will be delivered to your inbox after we get from IRCC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the getGCMS service?

getGCMS is the services offered by us to help you obtaining Visa Officer’s detailed notes on your immigration file and/or the documents from your immigration application.

What are the steps to apply for the GCMS notes and documents?

1. Pay the service fee
2. Provide us the requested information and signed consent form
3. We apply for you and provide e-delivery of your notes after we obtain from the Government of Canada.

I already have my refusal letter; what additional information can GCMS notes provide?

A refusal letter may highlight some of the reasons of the refusal on your application file with IRCC. However, it may not always provide the full details. The GCMS notes on the other hand provide the Visa Officer’s actual notes and other processing details on your file which may be very helpful in understanding the actual reasons behind the refusal and strengthening the next application.

Does requesting GCMS notes affect my application processing time and decision?

No, this does not affect the processing time of your application or the final decision.

Do I have to order the GCMS notes?

No, it’s a choice and some people are curious to know the aspects of their applications in greater details than the others.

When can I order the getGCMS service?

Any time you want, for any reason you want. You don’t have to have any reason. You simply wanting to have a look at your file is a good enough reason.

How long does it take to get my notes and documents?

We submit the application within 24 hours of receiving payment and the required information. Government of Canada usually takes about 4 to 8 weeks to process it. We will e-deliver to you within 24 hours after receiving from the government.

Can I request a rush delivery?

No, we do our best to do our part of the work as soon as possible, however we don’t have control over the Government processing time.

What is your refund policy?

The service fees are non-refundable except in rare circumstance where we failed to obtain your GCMS notes due to our fault. Not eligible for refunds due to delay from the Government, not being able to obtain GCMS due to the information mismatch or you not being able to comply to our information requests. You can refer to our terms and conditions page for more details.